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Our hospitality

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Welcome to Umezaki Tei


Every morning, we go out fishing with the sunrise, to serve you the best seafood fresh from the sea.

The Ariake Sea is blessed with an abundance of seafood. There is also an oyster farm nearby, owned by The Umezaki Tei.

The Takezaki crabs and oyster dishes that can only be tasted here


Delicious oyster-centric cuisine

We have our own oyster farm at Umezaki Tei. We go out to the sea with the sunrise to serve you the best oysters fresh from the sea. Savor our plump and juicy oysters together with some good local sake.


Course meals (lunch / dinner)

Takezaki crab is a kind of Portunus trituberculatus called Gazami.

You can relish them throughout the year. During summer time, the male crabs are the best in season with their sweet flesh. And in winter, the crab butter in the shells of female crabs is so delicious.


Fresh Ariake seafood-centric dishes

The Ariake Sea is a home to many fish and shellfish such as gizzard shads, Shiba shrimps and Japanese tiger prawns as they feed themselves with planktons which inhabits abundantly there. They are served at your table fresh as they are.

The Takezaki crab course


Sent directly from fishermen! Enjoy our special Takezaki crab-centric dishes and kaiseki meals.

For one person (meal only)

  • 5,500yen course
  • 6,600yen course
  • 7,700yen course
  • 9,900yen course
  • 11,000yen course

※Consumption Tax included. Service fee will be added separately.
※ In the photo: 9,900 yen coursPlease note that the contents of the dishes vary depending on the seasons.For further information, please consult our staff.


Please make your selection from two types of rooms: the Japanese-style or the Western-style.


Japanese-style rooms

The view from the rooms is extraordinary. And our spacious rooms create relaxing atmosphere.


Japanese-Western style rooms

We have beds in the Japanese-style tatami rooms where you can feel the taste of Japanese elegance in a relaxing ambiance.






It is very popular among the guests for lunch. You can enjoy your lunch while seated in a spacious and bright atmosphere.

Relaxing bath “Kani-no yu” Tara-Takezaki Hot Spring


Large Public Bath “Kani-no yu”

100% natural hot spring will heal your tired body. Unwind yourself, relax and enjoy.

Relaxing with jacuzzis is very popular among our guests.



Family baths

You can enjoy the hot spring in private among your family.
※Reservation required.



Heal your tired body with our family baths with sauna and have a great fun among family.

※Please be aware that there is a time limit for the use of family baths.

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